From as young as I can remember I've loved a good adventure.  Joining Scouts, gaining my Queens Scout Award and becoming both a leader and mountaineering instructor was a great opportunity to share in so many fantastic activities.

When it became time to support myself financially, I would still spend every free weekend, day off and holiday fitting in one activity or another. Camping with the Scouts one weekend, cycling with friends the following and then squeezing in a rock climb with my brother on a Tuesday evening.

As time moved on and my list of outdoor hobbies expanded, I realised I was focusing on the activity and forgetting to enjoy the fun and excitement the experience brings. I craved that all-encompassing, all-consuming, desire of discovering what’s over the horizon or what's round the next bend. I didn't want individual outdoor hobbies, I wanted adventure!

So from that moment I made a change. Whilst I still go out for a "cycle" with friends or a "paddle" with the family, I now make the time, every once in a while, to turn those hobbies into an adventure - an epic adventure!